Welcome to the wiki peoples!
Hey everybody, Yoshipea here! As you can tell, This very wiki is used for pretty much anything! Is this a dead wiki? Nah. If it is, Revive It you weirdo! Make a page, put in some great detail, and then you're done! Bring in some templates here from all over the place if you want to theme a page, or just make this look good! I gotta warn you though... This is supposed to be themed after dark bowser, But holds about everything. If you're a dark bowser fan, Then take a look at the scenery!

The welcome wagon

Welcome to Yoshi's ANYTHING RP wiki! This is where SOME of Yoshipea's roleplays take place. And the rules are below.

  • Don't steal, cheat, or lie to the admins.
  • Don't feed the trolls
  • Don't give false testimony, except for profit
  • Have at least 2 sections and an infobox.
  • Don't nag, spam, or hack.
  • no buts, cuts, coconuts, or rhyming on bot territory. They hate that.
  • Don't do barrel-rolls. Barrel-rolling is taking info from one wiki, and making it all garbled english on this wiki.
  • speak the language of the sky: English.
  • how to gette banned: Speak gibberish on the comments, death threats, saying that you want to have an epic rank, stealing, and deleting pages without warning.
  • Mature pages are allowed, but they will be marked with a "Mature" category.
  • This is an RP wiki, so this has to be serious: No Godmodding.
  • You can RP as the characters you own, and only those. You can obtain a character from a Video game or TV show if nobody has it, or you can make your own. However, you have to ask the character's owner before making an AU version of the character you want.

Describe your topic

Write a description. Nah! We need no descripton! We'll be nice... Just no overpowered characters or "mary sues"... You know what I mean...

We need your help

This wiki is being operated by yoshi. However, team green-ops needs more members. The best we can say is: Start fighting off evil! This is a Roleplay wiki after all.

If you ranked up to an admin or higher, then tap this to go to the community center.

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